Darling Dove

Instructions for making a dove Christmas ornament using felt.


-Hi, I’m Moira Greto from Family Fun and I’m gonna show you how to make this darling dove. You and your kids can make this ornament in a jiffy. And just as quickly, fold it up and pop it in the mail for a friend or family. To make this craft, you’ll need scissors, stiff white felt, tacky glue, googly eyes, a large needle, and embroidery floss. First, download and print out our template by going to familyfunmag.com. Next, cut the body and wing sheet. Trace the pieces on stiff felt and cut off those shapes. For the eyes, glue on a googly eye on each side. Thread the needle with floss then sew a hanging loop just above the slot for the wings. Slide your wings in place and your ornament is ready to take flight.