Creative And Artsy Ways To Hide Those Hideous Cords In Your Home (Brilliant!)

Creative And Artsy Ways To Hide Those Hideous Cords In Your Home (Brilliant!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you’re situation is anything like mine, you will be able to relate to the dilemma of those unsightly cords and what to do about them.

I ran across this brilliant tutorial with some uncanny ways to turn those unsightly cords into a work of art! It will definitely be a conversation piece when your friends and family come to visit!

The coolest fix we’ve seen so far (photo in this post): one creative homeowner made their plain old electrical cord into an art piece in it’s own right. Why hide it, when you can show it off?

Even the tidiest homes and nicest homes look messy because of cluttered power cords laying around in the corner, under the desk or right on top of it. We have too many chargers, power cords, wires of all the electrical devices and they often seem quite unruly.  In order to manage the clutter of cables there are several fun and creative DIY projects. Make your own DIY charging station to hide the cables or turn the cord into a wall art…it’s up to you!

I’ve seen so many clever ideas for hiding electrical cords…from gathering up the cords and putting them into decorated toilet paper rolls, bungee cord cork ties, installing a wire basket on the bottom of a desk to put their power strip into, with a hole in the top of the desk to feed them into and the list goes on and on. But, this clever artistry in this tutorial has all of these beat hands down!

Watch how Plan n Design does this in their step by step tutorial so you can get those cords up and off of the floor!