Creating a Cozy Guest Room

Stacks of magazines and good books, a reading corner with a comfortable chair and a soft throw, and a bed covered with handmade organdy sheets and a fluffy duvet all bring a soft luxury to a guest’s stay. A variety of pillows and reading lights built right into the headboard make this the perfect spot for reading in bed.

Bring guests breakfast on a lovely wicker tray. Mornings can be an awkward time when guests aren’t yet ready to face the world; breakfast in bed allows them to begin the day alone.

A simple circular table backed with a mirror is used as a dressing table. Antique silver pieces and flowers on the dressing table and fresh, fluffy new towels and fancy soaps in the guest bathroom are little touches that make guests feel special.

For storage in a guestroom, provide a dresser with empty drawers to allow a guest to unpack completely. Take all your out-of-season clothes out of the guestroom closet, and fill it with good skirt and pant hangers and padded suit hangers.

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