Coffee in the Kitchen

Raise your hand if coffee is a big part of your morning. Do you find that coffee is a main ingredient to a successful and productive morning or even day? If the answer is yes, you are definitely not alone. So many people rely on and enjoy coffee on a daily basis which is why coffee storage and integration into your kitchen is a topic worth exploring. Long gone are the days when you just throw a Mr. Coffee, coffee maker in the corner and call it a day. Today, there are so many features and options on the market designed to make your coffee drinking life easier, more efficient and more organized, let’s dig in…

Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

Kurig Nespresso Behind Avento

A few years ago the world of coffee preparation got a lot easier with the introduction of the Keurig. If you are unfamiliar, the Keurig is a coffee maker that can make one cup of coffee at a time. This concept was especially helpful for households where a full pot of coffee was not always necessary and often became wasteful. The concept of the one-cup-coffee maker  became so popular, that before you knew it almost every kitchen on the street was enjoying a Keurig or like machine (Nespresso, etc.)

With these small appliances adorning kitchen countertops everywhere it comes as no surprise that while planning for new kitchens many a family is constantly on the hunt for a storage solution that will allow their beloved machines to be within reach, but not necessarily, front and center on their countertops. While there are several options when it comes to appliance garages, my personal favorite is the Avento lift hardware by Blum. This hardware was installed in the kitchen photographed here. As you can see it allows the door to be opened and suspended above the cabinet while the cavity of the cabinet is being utilized. The hardware is smooth and sleek and allows the door to be completely untouched during operation unlike other options which involve the door itself pocketing and or sliding up inside the cabinet itself which often times causes wear and tear over time. 

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Courtney Shearer

Keurig Cabinet Storage.
Courtney Shearer

Kurig Cup Storage Options

Now that you have a plan for where to keep your coffee maker, what are the options for storing the important part…the actual coffee AKA the K-Cups?! As you probably know Keurig actually has little metal “trees” that sit right on your countertop to hold your various k-cups. While this approach definitely works, you run into the whole “having too much stuff on your countertops” scenario again which more and more people are trying to avoid. Up until recently my suggestion, and the advice I actually use for my own kitchen, is just to store your k-cups in a basket in the cabinet and or throw them in a drawer somewhere near the coffee maker. However, Rev-A-Shelf recently came out with a wooden drawer accessory specifically designed to hold k-cups! I used this accessory in this year’s Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine’s Luxury Living Show Kitchen in Phipps Plaza I designed with Bell Kitchen and Bath Studios and it was a huge hit. Now your k-cups can be stored behind a drawer in a way that makes them both accessible and organized. 

Bell Kitchen and Bath Studios

Bell Kitchen and Bath Studios

Miele & Wolf Coffee System

And finally, if you are a serious coffee drinker/snob and want something more heavy duty than a Keurig you are in luck; there are several high-end appliance manufacturers that have created built-in coffee makers as good (or better) than a live in barista! Wolf and Miele have coffee systems that can be can make anything from a cup of black coffee to a cappuccino or latte with frothed milk. There are some options that can be plumbed into the wall so no water reservoir is necessary and there are others that do not require any plumbing meaning they can be incorporated anywhere in the kitchen with ease. 

Planning for Coffee in your Kitchen

Coffee is a big (and necessary!) part of many of our daily routines so it is important to really consider your options for storage, organization and function when it comes to planning for your kitchen.