Check Out The Ways She Camouflages Bra Straps (Brilliant!)

Check Out The Ways She Camouflages Bra Straps (Brilliant!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Want support while wearing a shirt with a low back… without showing your bra strap? Here’s an easy DIY tutorial for a few cute looks.

We all have those times when we want to wear something and our bra straps show…it can be so aggravating! Well, here’s a few tips on what you can do to change that!

While browsing Pinterest I also saw a lot of other great ideas for hiding bra straps. I chose to share these three with you, but check out all the other brilliant ideas on there as well! We women need to be armed with all the tips and tricks…you can never have too many!

I love that nowadays this is a popular look. Nobody did this years ago and I think it’s so clever! These tricks add a great accent to outfits! I especially love the scarf trick! It looks like it’s a part of the dress!

My daughter uses most of these tips because of all the cut out backs her tops have. I think it’s so cute and she loves that I showed her these tips! It’s a rare moment that I get to feel useful with a daughter her age. Most of the things I come up with are dumb…in her mind!

Watch how Spankie Valentine TV does these clever tricks in her step by step tutorial!