Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Parent and Child for sale

Looking for an easy DIY Halloween costume the whole family can wear? These homemade spaghetti-and-meatball costumes are fun for all ages. Best of all? They cost around $10 for each parent-and-child set if you currently have the red T-shirts.
Styrofoam balls
Serrated knife
Red + brown acrylic paint
Hot glue + paste gun
Red T-shirt for grownup’s costume
Before You Start
For every costume you’ll want a reddish top fit to the child and adult who’ll be wearing them. If you don’t have a spare red top to use, you can discover T-shirts online or in Walmart for $5 or less.
For bottomswe urge white or red pants, but that is entirely your choice.
Measure 1
To make the meatballs, cut the Styrofoam balls in half working with the serrated knife. Then carve out jagged, coarse layers from the tops of their Styrofoam to attain more realistic-looking meatballs.
Measure 2
Mix together a little drop of red paint and a huge dollop of brown paint. Add a second coat if necessary. Allow the meatballs to dry thoroughly before adding them to the costume.
Step 3


For your adult costume, then cut 2-foot segments from the yarn, tying the loose ends together to make loops. Bundle all of the loops together, then use hot glue to secure the yarn to the upper shoulder hem of this T-shirt.
Step 4
Continue adding on sections of yarn before the shoulders are filled. Use extra strings of yarn to loop throughout the front and back of the shirt for your liking. The amount of spaghetti you enhance your shirt is up to you.
Step 5
When the meatballs are completely dry, stick to the yarn using the hot glue. Do not glue a lot of to the top, since they might weigh it down.
Step 5 in making Spaghetti Meatball Halloween costume
Step 6
Repeat steps 3-5 for your child’s T-shirt or onesie.
Measure 7 in making Spaghetti Meatball Halloween costume
Working with the hot glue, add a few spaghetti and meatballs to a plastic headband for a saucy attachment!