Cardboard Tube Pumpkin Stamp

Cardboard Tube Pumpkin Stamp
Cardboard Tube Pumpkin Stamp

Spent reel spool must not be thrown away, we can also make it a new role, for example, the following have to do this Pumpkin Stamp, is to use the reel spool, etc. made. Now to follow me tried to make one.

Show the kids how to make this Halloween Crafts Cardboard Tube Pumpkin Stamp from supplies you probably have around the house. Once they have the stamp they can make cards, wrapping paper or pictures to hang on the refrigerator.

Cardboard Tube Pumpkin Stamp Supplies

Orange Paint
Toilet paper roll
Green/brown marker
White paper

Cardboard Tube Pumpkin Stamp Instructions

Start by bending the toilet paper roll inwards in the middle and tape it across. Dip it in orange paint and stamp it against a white piece of paper.

Draw on a stem and some vines with the markers then paint in the pumpkins with a paintbrush.