Building a Stone Walkway

You can build a flagstone walkway with grass joints in a weekend.

The three primary materials for this walkway are cobblestones (top left), crusher run (top right) and flagstones (bottom).

Dry lay the flagstones before you begin digging so you can arrange the stones in a way that looks natural.

Once the flagstones are in place, it’s time to start cutting through the turf.

You’ll need to dig out the soil beneath the path to place the stones, as shown in the diagram. You can place thick flagstone directly in the ground. Thinner flagstone will need to sit on three inches of gravel. The cobblestone border will need to rest on an inch of mortar.

Once you’ve dug out the soil where the flagstone will go, fill the hole with a crusher run to create a stable base for the flagstone.

Use a rubber mallet to set stones firmly.

The cobblestone border serves as a decorative accent and keeps mulch in the beds along the pathway.

Once the stones are laid, hose off the debris.

You’re done. Your new walkway will last for years to come.

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