Best Modern Coffee Tables To Decor Your Living Room


In home decoration, living room often devoted owner always more emotion and vision. As the visual focus of the living room coffee table space can not only play the role of balance, but also lay an important part of the whole tone of the decoration, classical or deep, or warm and passionate, it is a small living room coffee table is a home of the most warmth part, so that we feel the taste of home.

Coffee table, cocktail table, occasional table … there aren’t many pieces of furniture that have multiple names and uses. When you consider how important (and functional) a great modern coffee table is to a living room, it’s incredible how often it is taken for granted.

The first piece that comes to mind when furnishing a living room is generally a sofa. But without a coffee table, the room — no matter how beautiful — looks incomplete. Metaphorically, think of your sofa as a great outfit and your coffee table as the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.

Take a look around your living room. Is it time for a new coffee table? If so, here are our picks of the best ones out there. They’re fashion forward and practical — and your feet will thank you for bringing one home.


CB2 Peekaboo Acrylic Coffee Table

Dimensions: 37.5″ W x 13.75″ D x 21.25″ H

When lightness is needed in a small or colorful room, the Peekaboo table is the perfect choice. Why spend money on a beautiful rug to then cover one-third of it with a table? CB2’s designers solved that design problem with the creation of this coffee table.

Jon Gasca for Stua Eclipse Nesting Table Set

Dimensions: 18.5″ W x 15″ D x 8″ H (small), 21.25″ W x 19″ D x 10″ H (medium), 25″ W x 25″ D x 12″ H (large)

The set of three Eclipse Nesting Tables ($455) is versatile enough to serve as multiple pieces. You can use them together as a multi-level coffee table, or individually as side tables or stools. Available in three wood finishes or white lacquer, there is a tone sure to fit any room. If space is an issue, they can all be tucked away into one.