Bat’s So Cute!

Welcome your trick-or-treaters with this sweet outdoor decoration.

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What You’ll Need

* Black Sock
* Batting
* Black and white crafts foam
* Two black pipe cleaners
* Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Safety pin

Halloween Craft: How To Make No-Carve Mummy and Bat Pumpkins

Josh Titus

Step 1

Fill sock to heel with batting. Trim extra fabric, then fold flap over and secure with a safety pin.

Boy cutting bat shapes

Josh Titus

Step 2

Draw bat wings onto the black foam and have your child cut them out. Do the same on the white foam to make the eyes and mouth. Cut each pipe cleaner into three sections and twist together at one end to make feet.

Mother helping boy make Halloween craft

Josh Titus

Step 3

(Mom) Hot-glue the wings, face, and feet onto the bat. When dry, use pipe cleaners to hang the bat upside down from a tree branch.

Crafts supplies from Michaels Stores

Nose job

Alison Miksch

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