Bathroom Electrical Tips

  • If the wiring in your home appears to be a silvery metal instead of copper, you have aluminum wiring and should consult a licensed electrician before attempting any work or repairs.
  • Never reach into a circuit or fuse panel with both hands, you could short a circuit across your heart. For safety’s sake, keep one hand in your pocket whenever dealing with your panel.
  • A ball of yarn can help you fish a wire through conduit. Tie one end of the yarn around a pencil and use your shop vac to suck the other end through the conduit. Tie the free end to your wire and pull the whole thing back through.
  • Bathtubs sometimes sink a bit when they’re full. Because of this, the caulking surrounding the tub will last longer if, before you caulk, you fill the tub with water and keep it full until after the caulking has cured.
  • You can use mirror clips to attach a small wastebasket to the inside of your bathroom’s cabinet door.
  • Did you know? The first plumbers who wanted to put bathrooms in homes were considered crude in the early 19th century. Who could imagine eating and using the restroom under the same roof!
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