Awesome Ways To Repurpose Magazines—Watch What She Makes!


I love getting magazines in the mail. The down side is that they do start to accumulate, and even though we diligently deposit them in the recycling bin (after being picked through and cut up with scissors and the resulting pages going into an ‘ideas’ three-ring-binder) I do like the idea of actually recycling them.

There are so many incredible things that can be created with rolled up magazine pages. The things that Shannon Green makes in her tutorial are just a tip of the iceberg on the DIY projects that can be created out of magazines!

I can’t think of a better way to recycle magazines! And, if you are looking for that unique, beautiful handmade gift that will make a big splash without breaking your bank account?  Look no further.  Coiled magazine page craft projects are the way to go. These items make such great gifts and with the Christmas holidays around the corner, you can get started now!

If you don’t have a bunch of magazines lying around, this is also a great way to recycle newspapers too! People make roses to put on wreaths, picture frames, wall art, necklaces, trash cans…the list goes on and on! Believe it or not, I actually saw that someone made a window shade out of these and it was so unique!

Watch how Shannon Green makes these great projects in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy recycling your magazines (or newspapers)!