Architecturally Designed Greenhouse

But the plants inside are thriving nonetheless, especially a fig vine that blankets the interior, despite starting out as a three-inch cutting years ago.

The homeowner grows more flowers than vegetables in her greenhouse: hollyhock, catnip, ferns, moonflower, morning glory and basil.

She grows wheat grass, sunflower and buckwheat year round, all of which she uses to make her own health shakes. She’s even growing dozens of foxgloves inside the greenhouse, keeping them ready for her daughter’s wedding, which will take place in the yard just outside.

A rack just outside the greenhouse serves as a transition area for plants being moved to an outdoor bed.

Inside, an intercom system keeps the homeowner in touch with her husband and with visitors, even when she’s in the middle of planting.

Plants are watered by a misting system that senses the amount of moisture on them and waters them automatically when they begin to dry out.

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