Amazing DIY Christmas Decorations and Decor Projects You Can Try

Don’t bust the budget in a trip to Pier 1 or Tai Pan Trading for your Christmas decorations this year! Get your creative hat on and try out some of these DIY décor tricks or others you come across!

Sparkling Snow Candles

Bedazzle your plain red or green candles by painting them with a coat of Mod Podge and then rolling them in Epsom salt.


Swirl Ornaments

This is a fun one to do with the kids! Get some clear glass round ornaments swirl a bit of vinegar inside to clean out any dirt and dust. Squirt different colors of paint inside and swirl them around by rotating the ornament. Let it drain, hole side down, into a plastic cup for 30 mins or more. Add the cap back on and you’re done!


Fabric Garland

Cut several strips of different kinds of Christmas-y fabrics. Tie the ends onto a long piece of rope, bunching them up as you go. Make it a long as you like!


Snowman Refrigerator

Finally, a reason to clean off the fridge! Get rid of old papers and photos and make room for Mr. Snowman! Cut shapes from craft paper for eyes, mouth, nose, buttons, scarf, pipe, etc. (Tip: do his face on the upper freezer part, and the body on the lower fridge part).


Get Artistic

Go to a pottery studio and paint your own Christmas plate, cookie jar, or even ornament! You will love the glazed, finished product, and you can treasure it for years!

Ornament Wreath

Bend a wire hanger into a circular shape and carefully untwist the top. Slip on various sizes and colors of round ornaments until the whole thing is full. Re-twist the top and hang somewhere it can be admired!


Sock Snowmen

How cute are these little snowmen?? This would be a fun craft to do with the kids, and a perfect way to get rid of some of those old socks you have in a basket with no pair!


Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

I would never have guessed that these were popsicle sticks! What a cheap way to make an adorable winter decoration.


Ornament Window Decoration

Beautiful window decoration made simply with ribbons and ornaments.


Candy Cane Centerpiece

What a yummy and beautiful holiday decoration!!


Gift Wrapped Front Door

Quick and easy way to decorate your entire front door. This is perfect to create a cute holiday decoration without all the extra time and effort!


Oh “Deer” Christmas sign

What a unique and fun decoration. Everyone who comes over will love this!


Twine Star

Super simple to make. Just make a star out of wood pieces and wrap some twine around it!

Cardboard Christmas Fireplace

Is your house missing a fireplace to hang your stockings, or for Santa to come out of? Well worry no more…You can make this awesome cardboard fireplace! What a fun craft idea and cute Christmas decoration.