Amazed and a little scared!

Hey all!

Just thought I would write a quick little note here. I decided to sit tonight and do a little research on the computer. The kids are all occupied, and the hubby is at work so it’s a little “me” time with the computer.
I started this blog 3 months ago (april 2014). It was my 4th one that I started. The first 3 I lost interest in very quickly. (A couponing blog, another deals blog, and a holidays blog) About 2 years ago, a friend of mine mentioned it to  me about starting a blog and how well hers was doing. She was making some money blogging and I wanted in on the action.
Being an avid couponer, I thought what the heck I can do this. I can tell people what I bought and when the sales are. Wrong! I just couldn’t keep interest in the searching and shopping ect. And everytime I tried to sign up for an affiliate company I was denied. I guess I thought it would be faster or a quick buck. I didn’t give it a chance thats for sure.

So I tried 2 more times when the mood struck me. and that too wasn’t what I wanted to do.
A few months ago when I was cooking dinner (Mongolian Beef Stir Fry) I took a picture, and shared it with my friends on facebook. It got likes and comments and lots of photo love!
That is when it hit me (like a ton of bricks!) I need to be blogging about the things I make and fully enjoy making. Because I LIKE to share that stuff. Sure money would be great, but I sincerely like sharing my recipes, trying new recipes, making crafts and decorating the house.
So here we are! That’s how Daily DIY Life was made.

Back to the point of this post… (sorry I ramble!)

The past week I have discovered Link Parties (Check out where I party HERE ) and I have seen some amazing and very creative blogs. There are so many, I never knew existed. It’s wonderful to see so many fresh ideas and wonderful creativity at all of these places.

I know everything takes time to make/create and build, but wow! I have so much to learn. I’m really anxious to move forward with this wonderful new project I have started, but extremely terrified that I won’t be able to “keep up with the jones’ “Only time will tell I suppose.

So, for the few readers that I do have, please stick with me! I will still be posting on a regular basis, but I need to also keep up the research to see what and how I can make this tiny little blog about our life even better.

Until tomorrow …..
Have a wonderful evening! ?