A Transformed Kid’s Room

Kids are constantly growing and changing. Chances are, their rooms could do with an overhaul just to keep up.

It doesn’t take a fortune to transform a kid’s room – just some imagination and this how-to from Michele Beschen. The B. Original host offers some of her own fun ideas for kids’ beds, trim and creative decor.

Murphy Bed

Believe it or not, building a Murphy bed – a bed that folds up into the wall – isn’t complicated construction. It’s just big. But it can be a great space-saver if a closet can be given up, and lots of kids love the idea of a bed that tucks away into a secret cupboard.

The best way for a do-it-yourselfer to tackle a Murphy bed is to find a kit. Look for them at woodworking stores or online.

Flooring Becomes Trim Work

Michele believes good wood should never go to waste. So, when she had leftover cherry flooring, she transformed it into swanky trim with a lot more personality than traditional trim. Here’s how:

– Use a table saw to cut off the tongue and groove edges of the flooring, then use a planer to remove the groove on the back.
– Round over the edges with a router and a ¼” round-over bit.
– Sand, varnish and install just as regular trim, nailing in place and filling nail holes with putty. Michele used different plank lengths, breaking up the line every so often with a square block.

Fun Furniture

Add a lot of visual fun to a child’s room with just a jigsaw and some lumber:

– Cut out and paint a whimsical platform to slide under the mattress of a traditional bed
– Build a loft bed or play loft. Let the child’s personality and the available space drive the design; loft plans and even kits are available online. Remember to round over edges with a router to protect young hands and feet, and brace the back of the ladder with additional wood.

Have the child help design different parts of the room and even assist on some simple building. He or she will have a fun chance to B. Original.

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