6 Tips For How To Decorating a One-Bedroom

6 Ideas For Decorating a One-Bedroom5

The bedrooms are good or bad, a direct impact on people’s lives, work and study, the bedroom has become one of the design focus of home decoration. Therefore, in the design, people focus on practical first, followed by decoration. In Feng Shui, the bedroom of the pattern is very important part, bedroom layout directly affects a family’s well-being, marital harmony, health and many other elements.

We’ve talked a bit about decorating studios here on Domaine, but while one-bedroom apartments are plagued with similar small-space challenges, that separate bedroom definitely changes the decorating game. Live alone or with a partner in a one-bedroom apartment idea? Read on for a few design tips, just for you!
1. Make an Entrance

6 Ideas For Decorating a One-Bedroom
First thing is first: your entryway. Everyone should have some sort of landing strip in their home to stash keys, purses, and all other miscellaneous items. But with the extra space a one-bedroom affords you, it’s really an opportunity to create a great first impression for your guests with a beautifully styled entryway. Whether that means a console table outfitted with a lamp and accessories, or simply a shelf and a cute bowl near your front door, we know you can find the room.

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2. Create Contrast

6 Ideas For Decorating a One-Bedroom3

Congrats! You have a bedroom, and it isn’t in your living room! In a one-bedroom abode, it’s important to create a distinct aesthetic for each room, so that you and your guests get the feeling that you are moving from room to room. Doing this will really celebrate the size of your apartment and make it feel larger than if everything were one note.

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You can create a dramatic contrast, say with bright yellow walls in one room and baby blue in the next, or, a more subtle distinction, with different types of prints in each room. Color is the easiest and most impactful way to introduce this contrast, though.

3. Serve With a Smile

6 Ideas For Decorating a One-Bedroom3

Many (or most) one-bedroom apartments aren’t blessed with a separate dining room, but they usually do have a kitchen breakfast nook or a living room with space to carve out a dining area. You should feel comfortable entertaining, so set up a table — be it a narrow rectangular dining table or a small round bistro table — where you can host casual, impromptu dinners or weekend brunch.

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4. Get Behind the Bar

6 Ideas For Decorating a One-Bedroom4

You may not host dinners regularly, but you can bet your friends will want to drop by for drinks once they find out you have the keys to a stylish and private one-bedroom home. So set up a bar on a bar cart, a console table, a bookshelf, or even in a closet, and let the cocktails flow. Creating this extra area will give your space more purpose and make guests feel welcome.

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5.Keep It Clean

6 Ideas For Decorating a One-Bedroom5

The guaranteed way to make your one-bedroom kitchen feel cramped is to allow clutter. Getting in the habit of cleaning it daily will be truly transformative. Add personality with colorful appliances (hello, mint green Cuisinart!) or shapely storage and serving pieces, instead of space-hogging decorative accents, and put whatever you can behind closed cabinet doors.

6 Ideas For Decorating a One-Bedroom6

6.Rule the Ottoman Empire

6 Ideas For Decorating a One-Bedroom7

Small square footage is usually still something one-bedroom dwellers have to deal with, so don’t go overboard by buying a trio of oversize wing chairs. Instead, get yourself a sofa and one or two armchairs, and then make room for extra guests with ottomans, stools, or benches. As shown in this lovely one-bedroom that was featured on One Kings Lane, these versatile pieces can be used as footrests when you’re on your own, and they’ll be life-savers when you’re entertaining.