5 Clothing Items No Closet Needs

Is your bedroom closet nearly exploding from the volume of clothing packed inside? Or does closing your dresser drawers take enough brute strength to qualify as your daily arm workout? It’s all too easy to over-pack your closet, but while it’s a joy to have a wide selection of flattering, comfortable and well-loved outfits to reach for in the morning, the reality is most of us waste quite a bit of precious hanger space on clothes that don’t deserve the room. Here are five clothing items that you really should get rid of.

Clothes that Don’t Suit Your Lifestyle

That slinky black miniskirt looked great when you were stepping out with your single lady friends every Friday night, but you’ve been a mom of two toddlers for the past couple years, and a night off these days means a trip to Target by yourself. The tailored suit was definitely a power look in the boardroom, but you’re on to a new job and now you work from home. Life changes, and so should your wardrobe.

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If your closet is filled with clothing for your past — instead of your present — send those ghosts to the Goodwill so someone who can wear them TODAY will benefit.

Clothes that Are Uncomfortable

Yes, those tight jeans are sexy, but is the highlight of wearing them taking them off so you can breathe? Sure, those extra-high heels were a steal at 50% off, but will you be spending more than you saved when it’s time for bunion surgery? Life is short and meant to be enjoyed. Why waste a minute wearing shoes or clothing that don’t feel as good as they make you look? Forget about anything that you can’t wait to take off.

Clothes that Don’t Fit

Many women’s closets harbor nearly as many clothing sizes as a department store’s racks. It’s an unfortunate reality of life: weight happens. And a common response is, “Oh, I’ll just hang onto these two-sizes-too-small pants because once I finish my next diet, they’ll fit again.” While losing weight is a worthy goal that brings multiple benefits, being able to slip into old pants isn’t one of the most compelling. The road to weight loss is a long one and often has a few backtracks along the way (good-quality sleep helps you get there, however.) When you reach your goal weight, shopping for a NEW pair of great-fitting pants is a treat. And if you don’t manage to reach that goal, do you really want to feel shame every time you open your closet and see those undersize pants hanging there? If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t belong in your closet.

Retail Therapy Mistakes

We all do it occasionally – buy something because it’s on sale, or it’s the right color, or we just felt like owning something new that day, only to get the item home, wear it once, and then hang it up in the closet, never to be worn again. Just as the adage recommends, “Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry,” because you’ll overload your cart with unhealthy food choices, it’s best not to buy clothes when you are feeling down or bored, because that’s the time you are likeliest to purchase something just for the sake of buying, not because you actually like the item in question. Gather up all those retail-therapy purchases that only gave you temporary happiness, and donate them to a charity; giving makes you feel good.

Clothes that Are Out of Style

Lots of bedroom closets could serve as time capsules; they’re full of accessories, shoes and clothing that might have been the height of fashion a decade or two ago, but now would be best suited as costume wear to a “Let’s celebrate the 80’s” party. While it’s true that fashion tends to be cyclical, and certain styles make comeback appearances, it’s also true that those comebacks can’t be predicted and aren’t typically exactly the same as the original era’s style. For example, while the neon-bright colors so popular in the 80s recently enjoyed a style resurrection, thankfully, the oversize shoulder pads that accompanied them back in the day did NOT. You might have to dig deep into your dresser drawers and far back into the recesses of your closet to find them – because they tend to disappear into the depths of time – but if you’re still wasting precious bedroom space on styles from yesterday, clear them out, and you’ll have more room for today’s looks.