4 bathroom DIY projects for weekend warriors

Dreaming of a toilet upgrade? Do not wait until you’re able to hire a professional to get the upgraded bathroom diy you desire. With a few very simple DIY projects, you are going to enhance your home’s worth and performance in just a weekend (or less).
A lot of people are surprised it doesn’t take weeks to get a shower update. Convenient all-in-one kits provide a customized look without the extra work. The Shower Wall kit comprises adhesive, color-matched sealant and pre-measured walls which easily adhere more existing wall stuff, which makes it a time-saving project. Its designs mimic granite, rock or wood, delivering an upscale look at an appealing price. Door, foundations and storage options are a part of the Passage Collection but sold separately. Available at select The Home Depot locations nationwide and online. Not only will the bathroom feature an upgraded focal point, but the ideal bathroom design can reduce the future have to clean. Install the VorMax Plus self-cleaning bathroom and watch as it freshens the toilet bowl using Lysol cleaner with each flush. The award-winning flushing system has been independently verified to clean the bowl two times better than traditional toilets. So put the rubber gloves and cleaning brush since they will not be necessary for a little while.

bathroom diy

Don’t forget to look down if considering smart bathroom upgrades. Replacing the floor is a simple weekend project that stands outside. If you’ve outdated vinyl floors, consider installing contemporary vinyl options which are far superior to the designs of yesteryear. Granite or ceramic tiles are popular options for bathroom flooring also. For a luxury touch, consider taking a weekend to add in heated floor components. You may find kits in your local home improvement store that install under stone flooring, so with all the aid of a knob you transform chilly floors into toasty tiles.
A brand new sink is a wise way to update a bathroom in minimal time. Designs with simplified installation, like Studio S bath sink taps, make it an easy DIY job. With a contemporary appearance available in a variety of finishes, the design is specifically made for a time-saver to set up. The Speed Connect Drain is a pre-assembled system that will not need adjusting years down the road, plus the unique Speed Link prevalent installation system could be dropped in from the top for effortless hose connections. It’s not necessary to employ a plumber to get a practical and fashionable new sink.