27 Functional DIY Compost Bin Ideas For Gardeners

If you are not composting, you are not a REAL GARDENER. So, start composting now by trying one of these DIY Compost Bin Ideas.

1. Easy DIY Compost Bin

Create an easy bin for compost using wire mesh and pallets! Watch the tutorial here.

2. Easiest DIY Compost Bin

Make a compost bin for your garden or backyard using three materials. Get the tutorial at BHG.

3. Rolling Composter

Convert a plastic barrel into a rolling composter for a healthy and lively garden! Take the inspiration from here.

4. Compost Bin

Drill a storage bin to create this DIY compost bin. It is easy and practical. The detailed tutorial is here.

5. Spinning Compost Bin

After a rolling compost bin, follow this tutorial by the Instructables to create a spinning compost bin.

6. Ultimate Compost Bin

Build an ideal compost bin out of wood pieces and your efforts! You will get the details at Backyard Feast.

7. Milkcrate Compost Bin

Use milk crates to make a vertically stacked compost bin. It looks good as well! Visit The Instructables to know more.

8. Yard Waste Bin

For this project, you will need wire fence and finer mesh hardware cloth, wire ties, and hinges. The how-to is available at Empress of Dirt.

9. Big Composter

DIY a big but budget composter for your backyard or garden from the tutorial available at the Instructables.

10. Compost Bin DIY

Create a compost bin that opens from all sides to make your composting experience a bit easier! Check out the tutorial at Birds and Blooms.

11. Californian Compost Bin

Create an X-shaped trench for your compost bin! The waste may take approx 3-6 months to rot down, once filled. Here is the project.

12. DIY Compost Bin

If you are new to composting and need an easy DIY compost bin project–follow this link.

13. Madeleines Compost Bin

With the basic hardware tools, you can get yourself a new compost bin in no time! Follow this tutorial to learn more.

14. Cheap Compost Bin

Make this cheap and basic compost bin using a closeable container, which you can easily find at any local store! Here is the idea.

15. Plastic Storage Compost Bin

If you do not have enough space for a garden compost bin, try this space-saver plastic compost bin! Click here to learn more.

16. Cardboard Compost Bin

Upcycle an old cardboard carton to create an inexpensive compost bin for your garden. The tutorial is available here.

17. Drum Style Composter

Another composter idea that rotates, rotating composters allow the compost material to break down little faster. The DIY is here.

18. Concrete Block Compost Bin

56 concrete blocks and some other supplies are all you need to complete this concrete compost bin. Follow the steps here.

19. Compost Barrel

Build this eccentric composter using old tires, a 55-gallon barrel, some tools and hardware supplies! You will get the tutorial at the Instructables.

20. Cedar Lattice Compost Bin

Create these beguiling latticework compost bins for your garden, for a modular touch. The DIY is available at eHow.

21. Straw Bales Compost Bin

Construct a natural surrounding for your hummus with this compost bin, which you can make out of straw bales! Find the DIY here.

22. Indoor Vermicomposter

If you do not have an outdoor space for composting, try it inside with this indoor bin bag vermicomposting method! The idea and tutorial are explained here.

23. Bucket Compost Bin

Start composting the easy way with this bucket turned into a compost bin DIY. Learn the procedure here.

24. Plastic Compost Bin

Upcycle a large plastic container with a tight-fitting lid to make a homemade compost bin easily. Look for the idea here.

25. Barrel Compost Bin

This barrel compost bin is easy to make and does not cost more than $50. Find the tutorial here.

26. DIY Compost Bin

Bring style to your backyard with these contemporary compost bin. It is an easy to access composter. Look here for the directions.

27. Inexpensive Vermicompost Bin

Make an inexpensive vermicompost bin for your kitchen waste. Find the DIY project here!