26 DIY Pot Painting Ideas For The Garden

Beautiful pots and planters make the plants look more beautiful, and these 26 DIY pot painting ideas can definitely beautify them.

1. Stenciled Clay Pot

Charm up the ordinary clay pots into these DIY stenciled pots using painting stencil. Visit DIY Candy to know more!

2. Face Plant Pots

Transform basic terracotta pots into these unique and adorable face plant pots with easy tutorial available here.

3. Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

Pretty up your terracotta pots by following the steps available at the Place Of My Taste!

4. Aged Flower Pot Centerpiece

Create this inexpensive DIY flower pot centerpiece by giving an aged look to the pots. The step by step tutorial is available here.

5. Chalk Painted Planters

Grant a rustic appeal to the usual terracotta pots with this fun DIY pot painting idea. To make these chalk painted planters, click here.

6. Amazing Hand Painted Pots

Make beautiful DIY hand painted pots for your houseplants. All the instructions are available at the Empress of Dirt.

7. Chalkboard Painted Pots

Make this gorgeous self-styled pot using chalkboard paint in a few basic steps, customize it with quotes or names. Visit Garden Therapy to know more!

8. DIY Chalkboard Painted Pot Favors

Make beautiful chalkboard painted pots and beautify them with colorful DIY felt flowers. Use them as wedding favors or decorative pieces. The tutorial is here.

9. Halloween Pots

Try doing this ghostly pumpkin pot project to enhance the creepy Halloween decoration! Check more about it here.

10. Ikat Pattern

Recreate these attractive ikat patterned pots to make them the new centerpieces of your house using the detailed tutorial available here.

11. Drip Painted

Try these up-side-down drip patterns on any ordinary terra cotta pot and gratify the glimpse of it. Visit Clever Nest to know more.

12. Gold Dipped

Create this adorable pot painting project to brighten up your desk, rooms or porch! Get the tutorial here.

13. Painted Ceramic Pot

There’s probably no better way to embellish a ceramic pot than this. Visit Laura’s Crafty Life to know more.

14. Herringbone Pattern Planter

Surely, one of the best DIY pot painting ideas in this list. This appealing herringbone pattern planter project is a bit time taking, but worth the efforts. See the steps here.

15. Aged New Garden Pots

Provide a rustic and aging effect to new garden pots using some paint and greasing. Check out the DIY here.

16. Dipped Color Pots

To perform this DIY, paint the lower end of the pot, diagonally in the acrylic paint of your choice and you are done! Visit Wit&Whistle to know more.

17. Chalkboard Pots

Recognize herbs easily using these chalkboard pots! Here’s the detailed tutorial.

18. DIY Painted Planter

Create this easy and fun DIY within an hour with this step-by-step tutorial.

19. Seal Painted

This pretty and lively pot DIY is inspired by Practically Functional and can be created quickly using necessary supplies.

20. Patterned Pots

Make different patterns on pots after painting them to make them more appealing. Watch the video tutorial here.

21. Golden Heart

This can be a perfect offering for your guests, on any special occasion. Check out the detailed tutorial here.

22. Glitter Painted

Paint and glitter the planter pots to give them an alluring influence! Visit The Crafted Life to get the step-by-step tutorial.

23. Spray Effect

Transform white lifeless planter pots to this impressive and attractive pot using spray paint! Visit Bower Power Blog to see the steps.

24. Two-Tone Paint

Color the pots using a combination of hues to complete this unique DIY. Use your creativity to make a three-tone or multi-colored pot as well.

25. Painted Clay Pots

Enhance the look of your clay pots by giving an artistic touch to them, following the detailed tutorial available here.

26. Flower Painted Flower Pots

DIY the flower painted flower pots like above to house your favorite houseplants. We found the idea here.