2016 Open-Kitchen Renovation Teach You How to Expand Small Apartment Kitchen

Kitchenette always because of the limitations of space gives a feeling of oppression, especially in the kitchen fumes everywhere, people prefer to cook their own activities in 2016 can be freely kitchen renovation, here to introduce, teach you how expansion of small apartment kitchen space, creating a spacious kitchenette.
Semi-open kitchen design, although the use of white cabinets, but still show a rich flavor, deep yellow floor with colorful ethnic customs carpets, the kitchen has become great style, put the windowsill pot Yin Liu, full of life breath.
Do not expect small apartment has a separate restaurant, then the dining room and kitchen combined, so let small units also have a large enough kitchen space. Space is big, bright feeling, want to fitting into the kitchen black lines will not be a problem.
Open kitchen design, allowing the entire area is very spacious, the kitchen area close to the corner design, gray brick backdrop, very chic; kitchen daringly relatively large cabinet style, highlight the atmosphere, tilt decoration carpet, but also shape the spacious tips visual space.
Kitchen wall storage play very extreme, not only the top cabinet with glass doors and shelves style top cabinet design also must attack, put in that beloved decorative dishes, several books, the kitchen has also been concentrated concentrated culture.
Kitchen narrow but very long, both sides are on the table design is very smart choice, so that can achieve very good wet and dry separation, the use of green and wood color mix, portray a different kind of nature, and finally the laying of a suitable pattern carpet, to protect the first step also be beautifully decorated.
Kitchenette, though common, for in the long and narrow space units, such arrangement is worth learning, the whole cabinet, extending from the front through the corner, whether it is a top cabinet or cupboard below the operating area, while operating area backdrop of stainless steel sheet fill, both to expand space, but also a very good anti-oil.
Use a small kitchen cupboard very chic white whole cabinet, rod design is more unique, long, thick handle, white cabinets to create textured lines, and horizontal and vertical has caused. Kitchenette not fall small decorative, decorative painting fish, beautiful floral corner, it is a great fresh embellishment.
White cabinets with small pieces of red, kitchenette show sweet gesture. Do the old wooden furniture and red plaid carpet, plus verdant potted plants, drip depicts clear pastoral style, incorporating the design is very good, not only in the cabinet flanking the acquisition of shelving, the upper part of the wall corner shelf, a variety of bottled dry neat row start.
Overlooking the unique perspective that can more clearly understand the pattern ah kitchen, the kitchen is filled with wood color the whole cabinet, U-shaped bottom of the console in the corner made a special treatment, just the design of the pool, better use space.
Space is too afraid of many things, to clean up the table, even a small apartment kitchen, also has a spacious effect. So, housing is very important, solid wood cabinets is a wise choice, pots and pans are all perfectly hide.