2016 Family Bathroom Practical Decoration Raiders

2016 Family Bathroom Practical Decoration Raiders

The bathroom is an indispensable part of home life, it is a very practical function of place, but also one of the priorities of home decoration. A complete bathroom, should have toilet, washing, bathing, dressing, laundry, cosmetics and toiletries baptism storage and other functions. Then in a large space is not to have so many features in the bathroom decoration should pay attention to what areas?
2016 Family Bathroom Practical Decoration Raiders
1. Note that the ground water, non-slip

Toilet water is essential, so from the viewpoint of safety, anti-skid surface water is very important. Therefore, the choice to choose tiles for a projection pattern Fanghuadezhuan, this brick is not only good waterproof function, and even in the case of wet, it will not be too slippery after renovation.

2. The top pay attention to moisture, cover

Toilet water vapor is relatively large, the current general house are toilet and bathroom are one, so the bathroom is often surrounded by top moisture therefore very important to make the top of the toilet water vapor proof cover, apply a layer of water on top of the best glass, and then use a good water resistance PVC panel. Gusset plate can be installed on the keel, but also play the role of the pipe cover.

3. Ware pursuit of a reasonable fit

In the primary consideration when selecting ware bathroom is the size and shape can not be blind not to see but to choose the applicable sanitary ware, sanitary ware main include: basin, toilet, bathtub, shower, shower faucet. But also some relatively small bathroom toilet is not suitable for installation, these must be based on the specific circumstances of the bathroom may be.

4. The circuit must pay attention to safety

Bathroom more humid, so the installation of lighting, wiring to be extra careful. Lamps and switching is best to use with the security feature. Pin connectors and can not be exposed. Best to switch power are located outside in the bathroom to avoid leakage due to moisture.

5. Note the ventilation and lighting

Bathroom lighting and ventilation is also very important, is the ideal natural ventilation mode: Select less shading, ventilation windows in the form of good and open way to ensure ventilation area not less than 1/20 of the area of ​​the bathroom floor. The lower part of the ventilation doors one hundred or slits into the wind, ventilation window openings so polluted indoor air is discharged to achieve the purpose of ventilation.

6. Optionally, some green

Many people will ignore green bathroom and toilet inside due to moisture and temperature are high, it is not suitable for most plants growing, so greening the bathroom to choose dark evergreen plants resistant to the class, such as ferns, fern plants, pumping vine leaves, Penglai banana, etc.
2016 Family Bathroom Practical Decoration Raiders
If the bathroom area of ​​10 square meters or less do not buy the whole bathroom, as the distance to the roof of a distance within the range of bathing space made ring with shower curtain surround, not only save space, but also reasonable.

1, the whole bathroom occupy a lot of space, and boring when bathing;

2, full bath tub can not even be able to bath, but also very small;

3, the whole bathroom, difficult to clean up after bathing. If the bathroom area is large, it is inferior to the bathroom there is a soft mergers 2,3 square meters will be enough is enough, with tile walls, can be installed Yuba, you can install a bathtub, you can also use a variety of classic shower. Bath can be a single person, multiplayer bath. Big clean it once a month. Simply wipe the usual manner.

Wash the warm bath, the whole bathroom has become a steam room, as you comfortably out of the bathroom, smoke-filled situation, let the next person go to the toilet, feeling very stuffy wet, wet floor is to make family housewife headache, and the bathroom slip than the causes and breeding grounds for mold! You are not very envious of wet and dry seasons hotel bathroom space? Want bathroom clean, bright and clean, once you have wet and dry separation rule, you can let you easily do so.
2016 Family Bathroom Practical Decoration Raiders
1. The installation of the sliding door, shower curtain, so the bath, a shower room ok!

I want to enjoy the clean space wet and dry separation, the most convenient way is to install the bathroom sliding door or pull the curtain, shower sliding door benefits can block bath manufactured out of large amounts of steam and water droplets; curtain is pulled only partially boil water droplets wet the barrier being splattered. If you want while enjoying a bath with shower, Central Plains and some do not want to demolish the home bathtub, NA me you can opt bathtub door, as long as the original bathtub installed sliding doors, you can bath, a shower room ok ! Currently on the market sliding shower floor there is word type suitable for use L-shaped corner of the plane used by the bathroom door leaf size of installation space, but also divided into double, three, four and six type, since the modification It does not need to spend too much time and money, so more and more people will install their own DIY bathroom or specifically asked people to pull the curtain for the installation of shower sliding door shower sliding door design, ideal for small space bathroom wet and dry separation , do not take up too much space, you can let your home become comfortable bathroom.

2. Let the bathroom space leisure, take a bath every day in the garden.

Perfumes, cosmetics, candles, paintings, these things you do in the bathroom? When you create a distinct wet and dry bathroom space, you no longer have to be afraid of these pendulum jewelry because of damp and mold damage. Thus, like the hotel in general, you can also hang a delightful painting bathroom walls in your home, or put your favorite photos, Xiangfen oil, Xiangfen candles, flowers and potted plants, etc … In addition, you can also use a mirror both sides of tempered glass shelf space to install, has a beautiful shape decorations perfume or body care products, as well as cosmetics, contact lens cleaning supplies, but also peace of mind all put into it, so that, early in the morning after washing face, it can in the bathroom easy to complete action on the makeup, hair dressing and also together with the completion of the action, so that a wide range of bathroom space allows you to compact the morning, from become more calm. Use the beautiful design of storage shelves, plus colorful bottles and jars, are in the bathroom very good decorations, play as long as housing design ingenuity, and the bottles so that each can sit neatly on make the bathroom becomes vibrant, beautiful and practical benefits of play!

3. Let you  have a beautiful home.

Want bathroom looks neat, of course, is to find a pile of bottles and jars shelter, past the bathroom to see large and small bottles, not only your bathroom looks messy, you can use the space is relatively small, using appropriate furnishings bathroom cabinets, bathroom space can not only make the overall aesthetic presentation, and may extend the use of the corner to the bathroom more, whether it is shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, toilet paper, underwear, contact lens supplies etc., all can be hierarchical display, no longer have to fear wet, but also themselves in the past to get rid of the hanger hook messy scene.