2016 Bedroom Colors Collection teach you to Create the Perfect Bedroom

2016 Bedroom Colors Collection

The bedroom is our own private space, a place to relax, so the bedroom color matching must be appropriate, so as to enhance the relaxed comfort and our personal happiness index. Different colors represent the meaning is not the same, the color also has two sides, in order to visually bring ourselves to a wonderful visual effects and decoration for everyone here Xiaobian summed up with a few tips on bedroom colors teach your perfect match bedroom color.
2016 Bedroom Colors Collection
Bedroom decoration on the color, or try to warm in tone-based play, too cold or too much contrast color to use as little as possible. Walls, floors, ceilings, curtains, bedspreads and so are several big color constitute bedroom color. Generally good advice you can determine the main colors in the bedroom when you set the color and note the color and the primary and secondary levels, as well as changes in color and contrast. In order to create a unified and harmonious atmosphere of the bedroom. In case of color coordinated, you can use some neutral color (such as black, white, gray, silver, etc.) to adjust (eg use of bedroom furniture, curtains, bedspreads, etc. appropriately adjusted), you can also choose a number of decorations (such as flowers, decorative objects, handicrafts, etc.) to fine-tune. Bedroom colors should be designed according to the function of the bedroom, in general, should be quiet, comfortable, warm atmosphere dominated. And not too much color. 2-3 color on it. The bedroom is the most private room in the room, in general, not for outsiders to appreciate. Completely individual interested in starting at the design layout bedroom, fully meet their wishes, and no need to consider how to evaluate others. In the center of the bed should be as simple and practical furnishings.

Bedroom wall colors: usually choose purple, pink, beige, yellow and other colors to paint the bedroom walls. Combined bedspreads, curtains, furniture, colors reasonable match can create a cozy atmosphere. Here these few simple color features to make a presentation.

Purple – to maintain the balance of potassium in the body, has a sedative effect, but it has a depressing effect on the motor nerve and heart of the system, it should be used with caution in patients with heart disease purple.

Pink – autism, mental depression were appropriate. Let angry people watching pink, emotions will calm down soon, because pink can make people reduce the secretion of adrenal hormones, so that the mood stabilizing. Autism, mental depression may wish to choose pink.
2016 Bedroom Colors Collection
Yellow – depression and mania were taboo. In contrast, gold could easily lead to emotional instability, therefore, suffer from depression and mania people should not use gold.

Beige – induce appetite helps calcium absorption. Such as the elderly living room with pale orange, can induce appetite, it helps absorption of calcium, while people in high spirits, happy. Or choose blue, helps relieve headaches, fever, insomnia and other symptoms.
2016 Bedroom Colors Collection
Tips: bedroom wall as possible without, such as glass, metal and marble material, the use of paint, both to avoid sleep bedrooms gas can be reflected, in favor of the wall to breathe, and the color should be pastel, people feel calm can help rest.


1. bedroom wall color choices first to the owner’s preferences as a reference, in the bedroom will have to determine how much the size of a large bedroom area of ​​color you can choose a variety of colors to explain, but remember colors reasonable. If the room is small, the use of color to monochrome mainly to make the main color of the room was more spacious, no crowded feeling.

2. Bedroom mostly in warm pastel colors dominated, but also consider the light and the room toward the problem, if the lighting is insufficient choose a slightly bright colors, if you use the darkened room will be significantly more depressed. Of course, the orientation of the room the problem can not be ignored (to consider the changing seasons and decide) if facing cold, use warm colors, if you toward hot or western exposure with cool colors as well, use warm cold room can improve the warmth of the room, hot room or western exposure the use of cool colors can reduce the feeling hot.

I do not know whether we have learned a bedroom with tips.