2016 Bathroom Renovation Trend Indicator

2016 Bathroom Renovation
2016 Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation will accidentally be classified as non-essential existence, narrow space is on the one hand, a reference to bathroom renovation always seems strange, it is not suitable discuss in public. I bring you the 2016 bathroom renovation trend indicator, see this bathroom design, you like it

1: colored glass table

Vibrant colors more and more young people like the color revolution has spread to the bathroom. Wash countertop material from the past simple colorless glass, into the current of red, orange, green and other bright color tone.

Glass material will generally use high-temperature resistant glass, more resistant to use. Glass table is divided into all-steel and semi-steel, but many sales people are collectively referred to as steel. At the time of purchase, requires businesses to produce the best manufacturers of factory quality certification, pay attention to see their category and high temperature performance.

2: Alien Ware

Ware are consistent modeling monotonous tradition, but for fashion people, it really is a pity. Therefore, some alien ware also gradually enter the market, such as spherical toilet and washbasin, bathtub faucet and the shape of its amazing mix of angular, have emerged in a number of ware store.

Regardless of how changes in appearance, easy to use and easy to clean and is still to buy sanitary ware can not be ignored that request ware appearance concave angle, the less the better, easy care.

3: Chinese Cabinet

Cabinet consumption growing, its style is generally dominated by simple lines, taking the fashion and modern lines. But with the development of a wide range of aesthetic, some of the Chinese Cabinet also appeared in many people’s home, and the decor fused.

Since the Chinese Cabinet material generally use wood, so be sure to pay attention to the timber material, whether there is moisture, corrosion, anti-distortion function, so as to ensure the life of the bathroom cabinet.

Read a detailed description of the top, is not instantaneous echocardiography?

2016 Bathroom Renovation
2016 Bathroom Renovation