10 Great Fall Perennials

Photo by: Aldo Pavan

Aldo Pavan

Summer’s ending but you want the flowers to keep coming in your garden. Don’t worry. There are plants out there that will bloom until the first frost. Here’s a list of fall perennials that will keep the flower power going in your garden:


Commonly known as New England aster, this sun-loving plant produces dense clusters of daisy-like blooms with purple, pink, blue and white rays and yellow centers. Asters are one of the iconic fall perennials, blooming in later summer and continuing through fall.


Despite what you’ve heard, goldenrod does not cause hay fever. Ragweed is the culprit that makes you sneeze in the fall. Goldenrod produces clusters of yellow flowers. This is one of the autumn flowering perennials you’ll often see along roadsides and at the edge of woods.

Perennial Sunflower

One of the most summery looking of fall perennials, these sunflowers look like their annual relatives but they bloom late summer and keep making sunny yellow flowers in fall.  


You don’t usually think of this member of the daisy family when you think of autumn flowering perennials, but its yellow, orange or red flowers bring a zing of color to your garden at the end of the season. 


This succulent rides out the summer heat and then bursts into bloom in the fall, closing out the growing season with flowers in white, pink, yellow or deep purple. ‘Autumn Joy’ is a popular variety with flowers that turn from pink to copper, just like the trees in fall.


A classic of fall flowering perennials, mums look good in containers or beds. They bloom in shades of white, purple, gold, orange and purple. 

Russian Sage

Sages are tough and lovely. Just try to kill one. Russian sage will be one of the last plants in your garden with blooms, its wands of blue-purple flowers atop silvery gray foliage. 

Anise Hyssop

This one begins blooming in the summer and keeps making flowers right through fall. It grows to five-feet tall and is covered with spikes of blue-purple flowers that smell like licorice.

Blazing Star

When you’re looking for perennials to plant in the fall, try this tall perennial that produces spikes of fluffy, deep purple flowers. Blazing star can get as tall as five feet so give it room to grow.

Toad Lily

Not many shade plants bloom in the fall, but toad lilies are an exception with their orchid-like blooms. Its delicate, inch-long flowers are white to pale lilac with deep purple spots. It’s one of the most unusual looking perennials to plant in the fall.