$1 DIY Dry Erase Board

We took a trip to wal-mart today to pick up some paint for some future craft projects. As I was wandering around the paint department, the paint samples caught my eye. All of those fantastic bright colors are perfect for inspiration. I’m still working on the kitchen, and turning it into a beach inspired kitchen. My accessories and decorations are seriously lacking. So why not grab some beachy colors and see how creative I can get with this Dollar store crafts?

My plan was to turn a $1 Dollar Store picture frame into a calendar using the paint chips as the squares. When I got into the backing of the frame, it was on there pretty good and I didn’t want to damage the matte or the photo with out the right tools to take it apart. So I decided to go with something on a smaller scale.

$1 DIY Dry Erase Board - Daily DIY Life (dailydiylife.com)


And I came up with super easy and VERY affordable dry erase board!

$1 DIY Dry Erase Board - Daily DIY Life (dailydiylife.com)

Photo frame ($1 at the dollar store!)
Paint sample chips (FREE at walmart)
Glue or double sided tape

Trim your paint chips so the name or logo is removed (not all of them have this on the front, but some do)
Cut the chips to the desired size you want.
Lay them on the cardboard backing that came with your photo frame. Move them around until you get a look you like. I liked the gradient from light to dark look.
Glue or tape them down (i used hot glue. just a dab on the corners)

Pop it back into the frame.
The glass is going to act as your white board, just be sure to use a dry erase marker and not a sharpie ? I’ve done that before! Yikes!

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Happy crafting!

$1 DIY Dry Erase Board - Daily DIY Life (dailydiylife.com)