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Use gray in your dining room to create a cozy space, perfect for any type of meal or gathering. With shades of gray ranging from just beyond white to almost black, there is a color of gray that is perfect for you and your dining room. Gray is appearing in every room of the home as a perfect neutral. As a backdrop, gray has more warmth and depth than whites and can be crisp or moody depending on lighting and accessories and what shade of gray you use. Add accent colors such as bright blues and pinks to the dining room to bring lively dimension to the cool color. If you want a streamline, modern space, layer different tones of gray to create a room with depth. Accent the modern space with a little pattern and white or black to create a contemporary dining room where guests want to linger. In a gray dining room, be sure to have layers of light. Add lamps to the buffet, candles to the table, or keep the curtains open to bring light into the space.


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