Some Fresh Ideas For Decorating The Dining Room

Vibrant Designs
Blue and yellow is a common color combination for kitchens and adjacent breakfast nooks, but a little variety can spice up this standby scheme. In this nook, fire-orange leather chairs and bold printed pillows contrast the pale yellow walls and blue accents and bring a burst of energy to the space. The blue medallion-print window valances and the angular design of the table base also add vibrancy to the space.

Vivid Accent

A bright, bold color can bring a cheery vibe to a neutral space or a room that just needs a little facelift. This dining room is brought to life with vivid green chairs upholstered with a colorful floral print. Consider updating existing chairs with paint and fabric, or scour for secondhand finds that you can give the same sort of treatment.

Style Shift

Dining room sets, with a table and matching chairs, provide uniform style. But mixing and matching asserts personalized flair. Pair a traditional pedestal table with modern seating, such as the clear acrylic chairs in this fresh dining nook. A oil-rubbed bronze chandelier solidifies the room’s traditional ties, while the brightly colored pillows bring out the flair.

Try Tile

Wood and carpet are common dining room flooring options, but taking a cue from Spanish casas and Italian villas, where tile flooring prevails, can be just as appropriate. Here, the flooring continues from the adjacent kitchen for a seamless flow, and the shiny finish of the black arabesque tiles reflects light, keeping the room from seeming too dark. Wooden chairs add a warm touch to the room, and white walls bring a modern touch.

Bring In a Bench
Adding a bench to a dining room table, rather than more chairs, provides extra room for seating for a large group. Perfect for entertaining, a bench allows more people to sit together at the table and is especially perfect for children. Modern, curved chairs mirror the curved ceiling above and give the space a contemporary look. The neutral and wood tones color scheme accentuate the room’s simplicity and unique architecture.

Comfort in Darkness
Instead of going light and bright, aim for dark and cozy. Use rich colors and deep, saturated finishes, such as walnut. The foundation and scheme of this dining area is dark and solid. The stone wall, wood floor, and wood-paneled ceiling bring a dark tone to the space and also bring varying hard textures. Cushioned chairs and a love seat bring a sense of comfort and a softer feel to the room, but the muted gray and blue upholstery maintains the room’s commitment to cozy.

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