Don’t Let Your Doorknobs Go Naked: 9 Ways to Dress Them Up

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    Doorknob Baubles Are Pretty

    Tassels. Beads. Charms. Bells: Four reasons why doorknob baubles are so darn pretty. And right now, they’re also on trend. We found nine wonderful ways you can dress up your naked doorknobs.

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    Yarn Doorknob Baubles

    Aunt Peaches

    Households all over the world, both large and small have been adorning their doorknobs for luck and protection. However, a “yarn kick” compelled Amanda, the clever DIY blogger popularly known as Aunt Peaches, to dress up her doorknobs. She shares how she whipped up these beautiful yarn baubles here.

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    Little Mementos

    If you’re looking to add a little character to your home, little mementos like these vintage baby shoes make an excellent small décor accent that doubles as a conversation starter.

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    Chunky Necklaces

     A chunky beaded necklace adds a touch of old-world elegance to a contemporary doorknob. 

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    Lucky Guardian Bells

    Many cultures believe that guardian bells like these beauties will keep evil spirits out of your home. They also make a heartfelt housewarming gift because they bring good luck to anyone who receives them.

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    Colorful Worry Beads

    When I was growing up, strands of komboloi, also know as Greek worry beads adorned some of the doorknobs in our home. The pleasant rattling sound they made when a door opened helped my mother keep tabs on who was walking around. So you’re in the know while komboloi were once used by monks to count prayers, these days they are no longer used for religious purposes.

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    Fabric Scrap Tassels

    Colorful fabric scraps are perfect for dressing up doorknobs and cabinet handles. Decor8 shares how to make these cuties.

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    Classic French Decor Staple

    Here’s a straight up truth: Tassels were no joke in France during the 16th century. They were a sign of power, prestige and wealth because the materials used to create them, silk and precious metal threads, were outrageously expensive. The Hotel Providence in Paris pays homage to the tassel’s heyday by using them to spruce up select guest rooms.

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    What to do With Your Christmas Ornaments

    Colorful Christmas decorations like the ornaments shown here can be used to dress up doorknobs the other 364 days per year.

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    The Good Old Evil Eye


    If you want to keep bad news away from your doorstep, nothing gets the job done like a “Nazar,” also known as an evil eye charm. Households across the Mediterranean and parts of the Middle East have blamed bad news and events on curses cast by evil stares. If you’re a worry wart, this doorknob charm can help you breath easy.

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