The drawstring cover acts as the bag closure and will prevent the contents from falling out. The drawstring makes the lunch bag easy to open and close too. In additional, pay attention to the base of the bag, it is not the normal rectangle base, you will see it in the tutorial page. You may add a insulated lining to make a thermal lunch box bag. The bag lays flat when not in use so it won’t take up much space for storage.
After skipping for a week from the tutorial update, I am back with a bag sewing pattern and tutorial. Here it is, lunch box bag with drawstring cover.

There are another 2 needle felting pattern and tutorial in the queue waiting to be written and published but I have to put them aside to author this lunch box bag tutorial in priority. This is due to loads of feedback (I love the request feedback, please pour again!!!) I received from emails and messages requesting to share the lunch box bag when I previewed the work in progress in Craft Passion’s Facebook Page, so I happily cutting in line especially for you.

Even though I categorized it as lunch box bag but I think you can basically use it for any thing you want to carry around. I would say it is nice to carry a small craft project when you are on the go, for example, crochet, knitting, tatting, small hand-sew patchwork etc….

He wanted to celebrate his birthday with his classmates so dearly that he keeps on reminding me of the date and what he would like me to do. It is his last year in the kindergarten, he wanted to make a great memory with his classmates before being parted and leaping to the formal education. He wanted me to make a goodie bag for each of his classmates that stuffed with beautiful cookies inside. When the date is getting closer, the reminder gets intensify and thus my stress… phew!!! For the first time, I have ever sewed that many designer handbags at once and got them completed in 2 days. I sewed a total of 16 lunch box bags as the goodie gift bags for my son’s birthday, 14 for his classmates, 1 for him and 1 for my daughter. The lunch box bag has a name tag made of washable craft paper, so the kid can write down their name on it. The bag can be washed and reused for years to come. I baked and decorated some pretty cookies (recipe to follow soon), packed and add some treats and stationery items into the bag (peep them here).By the way, the reason for missing in action for a week was because of my son’s birthday preparation.

I am so happy that his classmates’ loved all the things I created for the party. Upon arrival to the kindergarten, the kids surrounded the table and keep on wowing repeatedly as I set up the birthday counter, they are so adorable!!! Even the moms wrote in the Kindergarten Facebook to express their amazement. Thank you all for leaving such a great memory to my son and it has made a great moment for us!!! To complete his birthday, I baked 20 cupcakes and decorated them with fondant icing (you can see it here) a day before his birthday. I also made a fondant mouse as the cupcake topper just for him and it was all set until the day.

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