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Serve meals in style with a contemporary dining room. Browse photos of contemporary dining rooms for decorating inspiration. This sometimes minimal, sometimes vivacious style has a definite place in dining rooms. Choose a contemporary look that suits your tastes and lifestyle. Whether you have a breakfast nook or a full-scale dining room, you can introduce contemporary style by using furniture with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Keep colors very neutral or very vibrant. Stick with streamlined styles for dining room tables, chairs, buffets, china cabinets, and light fixtures. Choose simple window treatments and geometric patterns. Complete the look with statement-making tabletop decorations such as sleek candlesticks and sculptural centerpieces. Mix up the look by setting a variety of chair styles around your dining room table. Use our favorite photos of contemporary dining rooms to draw ideas for decorating your own dining room. Discover how to make contemporary decor sleek and sophisticated or trendy and funky, and create a space for intimate family gatherings or for entertaining guests.


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