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Explore this gallery of blue dining rooms to see how easy it is to infuse your dining room with a wide range of blue hues. Closely associated with the sea and the sky, the color blue conveys feelings of tranquility, serenity, and peacefulness. Plus, shades in cornflower, cerulean, turquoise, and teal blue play nicely with a wide range of other colors, decorating styles, and existing decor. These pretty blue dining rooms feature an array of can-do ideas you can use to give your own dining room a boost. Blue-painted walls, which are a colorful alternative to standard white, add a splash of color to a bland dining room. As with any other room in the house, choosing darker shades will add weight, while lighter shades will look more open and airy. Blue accessories function in much the same manner and offer flexibility since they can be switched out as decorating tastes change. See how simple furniture updates with paint and upholstery can instantly transform a tired dining set. Or, learn how a new piece of eye-catching wall art or a few simple throw pillows inject color and style.


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