20 Spectacular Small Kitchen Designs

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    The Well-Designed Small Kitchen: Nothing Short of a Masterpiece

    Contemporary White Kitchen with Wood Parquet Floor
    Contemporary White Kitchen with Wood Parquet Floor. Getty / Adrianna Williams

    Small kitchens are not a deficit to be overcome when remodeling.  Instead, they present an excellent opportunity to show off your design skills and upgrade materials.

    By dialing down on huge expanses for cabinetry–the one big-ticket item in your kitchen remodel–you are saving money for cool touches you have always wanted:  sliders, lazy susans, glass insets, specialty areas, and so on. Plus, with fewer cabinets to buy, you can upgrade veneers and styles.

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    Dark Cabinets For Your Small Kitchen? Stay On the Warmer Side…

    Small Kitchen Dark Cabinets
    © KraftMaid

    Usually, lighter tones work better in small kitchens.  But the gods will not strike you dead should you decide on dark, cherry-tone cabinets–as shown here with quartersawn cherry cabinetry and slab doors.

    What really makes this combination work is the well-placed undercabinet lights and the colorful counter backsplash tiles.

    And if you’re really into fixed kitchen islands, they can be made to work in limited spaces. Just use one like the square-shaped island here with slide-out surface.

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    Bold Cabinet Colors for Urban Pied a Terre’s Small Kitchen

    Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets
    © KraftMaid

    From KraftMaid, these Cardinal red cabinets infuse a truly sleek and cooler-than-thou style. It’s a contemporary design that works very well here.

    Glass insets visually “pop open” the upper wall cabinets, avoiding those dreaded long unbroken expanses of cabinets.

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    Interior Cabinet Lighting Amplifies Small Kitchen Spaces

    Interior Cabinet Lighting
    Interior Cabinet Lighting. © KraftMaid

    In tighter spaces, you really need to maximize storage. This means more things in less space. Interior cabinet lighting is the way to go here. Did you know that you can even light up drawers? Proof positive right here.

    Featured manufacturer KraftMaid shows us how.

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    Increase Kitchen’s Ambient Light With White Cabinets

    White Thermofoil Cabinets
    © Canyon Creek

    This 10′ x 10′ kitchen features Winterset White Thermofoil cabinets from Canyon Creek.

    Standard thermofoil cabinets can really rock when paired with the right design elements.

    The black granite counters and dark backsplash provide a crisp counterpoint to the cabinets’ whiteness. And because white thermofoil is such a “blank canvas,” you can fancy it up with decorative lights–without overwhelming the whole design.

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    Kitchen Cabinets Shine With The Glow of Natural Maple

    Maple Kitchen Cabinet Photo
    Maple Kitchen Cabinets. © Canyon Creek

    If you’re looking for light tones, maple provides a nice, fresh, open feeling. This is Halifax Maple from Canyon Creek.

    This smooth, modern, frameless Euro design gives you the look of those smartly-designed IKEA cabinets–but these are real cabinets, in real wood, not IKEA’s particleboard.

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    Wood Cabinets Enliven Small Kitchen Space

    Hickory Kitchen Cabinet Picture
    Hickory Kitchen Cabinets – Canyon Creek. © Canyon Creek

    An attractive combination of rich hickory veneered cabinets, stainless steel, well-placed lighting, 12″ backsplash tile, and breakfast bar/island–these elements make this small kitchen.

    The low-rise breakfast bar especially helps keep the sightline open between kitchen and living room.

    The cabinet line is Windsor, from Canyon Creek.

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    It’s All Here In Your Classic 10 x 10 U-Shaped Kitchen

    Merillat Kitchen Cabinets
    © Merillat

    It’s all laid out for you, left to right: oven wall cabinet, drawer with spice tray insert, knife rack pull-down, and plate wall rack.

    These are cool extras found in Merillat cabinetry that help make the limited space work smoothly.

    (Unfortunately, this image from Merillat’s site is difficult to link to. Go to the Merillat site (link below) and search for Classic Seneca Ridge in Maple Toffee.)

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    An Entire Small Kitchen On One Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Cooktop on Island
    © Merillat

    Clearly a demonstration kitchen set up in a large space. But it would work well in a small space.

    In fact when you look at it, every single kitchen function is contained within one kitchen island: cooktop, hood, sink, seating area, storage.

    Featured line is Merillat Masterpiece Glencoe in Laminate White.

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    Shimmering Copper Backsplash Made Easy!

    Small Kitchen with Shimmering Copper Backsplash
    Small Kitchen with Shimmering Copper Backsplash. © BacksplashIdeas.com

    Peel and stick backsplashes
    range from the ugly, no-stick variety that try to imitate ceramic tile to the better kind that employ thin metal finishes to bring a warm glow to your kitchen.

    Here are Aspect 3″x6″ peel and stick backsplash tiles in copper from BacksplashIdeas.com. They brighten up the dark cabinets by catching and reflecting the undercabinet lighting.

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    Angled Stove, Brushed Metal Backsplash

    Small Kitchen with Corner Stove and Backsplash
    Small Kitchen with Corner Stove and Backsplash. © BacksplashIdeas.com

    The mood for this space is light. Light cabinets, light backsplash. One reason this metal backsplash doesn’t look so metallic is that it has a brushed surface, so that the light is diffused around the counter area.

    When you add it all up, installing a stove at an angle is a space-waster. But visually, it gives the impression of a larger kitchen area.

    From BacksplashIdeas.com, this backsplash is Aspect 3″x6″ Brushed Champagne Short Grain Metal.

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    Undercabinet Lighting + Metallic Backsplash = Light!

    Metal Backsplash Creates Even More Light
    Metal Backsplash Creates Even More Light. © BacksplashIdeas.com

    Bring on the light!

    This modern metal-look backsplash from BacksplashIdeas.com reflects the undercabinet lighting like no other. These 18″ x 24″ panels are faux-tin thermoplastic and are called Miniquattro in Crosshatch Silver.

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    Go Contemporary With Gridded White Backsplash

    Square Geometric White Backsplash
    Square Geometric White Backsplash. © BacksplashIdeas.com

    What a way to dress up a limited space: super-modern gridded backsplash. It comes white, but you can paint it any color you choose. Shine cabinet lighting down on it at a sharp angle for greater effect.

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    More Light Without Adding More Lights

    Quilted Brushed Aluminum Backsplash for More Light in Small Kitchen
    Quilted Brushed Aluminum Backsplash for More Light in Small Kitchen. © BacksplashIdeas.com

    One way to enliven a small kitchen is to add undercabinet lighting. If you’re not keen on the idea of more wiring, one alternative is to add highly reflective metallic backsplash.

    This metal-look thermoplastic backsplash from BacksplashIdeas.com, plus the light counters, plus the white cabinets, means tons of reflected light in that potentially dark corner.

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    From Blah to Ahh! Small Kitchen Gets Fancy Backsplash Treatment

    Small Kitchen Gets Fancy Backsplash Treatment
    Small Kitchen Gets Fancy Backsplash Treatment. © BacksplashIdeas.com

    How to dress up an ordinary, boring kitchen? These Fasade Oil-Rubbed Faux Bronze Backsplash Panels give your droopy kitchen instant pizazz and class.

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    Bi-Level Breakfast Bar Gives Maximum Value For Small Kitchens

    Small Kitchen With Bi-Level Breakfast Bar
    Small Kitchen With Bi-Level Breakfast Bar. © Behr

    The bi-level breakfast bar provides a convenient place for meals in a space-challenged condo or apartment. Yet features often found in big kitchens have been slyly worked into this one: pendants, stonework behind the stove, and a well-designed array of fixed windows over the sink.

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    Down-Size Kitchen Sink With Narrower Disposal Side

    Dual Bowl Sink
    Dual Bowl Sink. © American Standard

    One idea for your small kitchen is to gain counter space by sizing down the sink.  But who wants to lose functionality in the process?

    From American Standard’s Culinaire collection, this is a dual-sided sink: the washing side on the left and disposal side on the right. What keeps this sink within small-kitchen-proportions is the mere 6″ width of the right-hand bowl.

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    Extra Punch For Small Kitchen With Ultra-Red Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen Paint Color Red
    Dutch Boy

    Rather than going mousy with neutrals, one nifty idea for space-challenged kitchens is to explode your space with bright colors.

    Dutch Boy’s appropriately-named Victory Red is paired with Stonewall Jackson (the color, not the person!) to create just such an effect.

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    Blue & White:  Cheery and Bright Small Kitchen

    Cheery Small Kitchen Design
    © Dutch Boy

    Hailing from Dutch Boy’s Inspiration Gallery, this tiny kitchen is light and airy and with a touch of the traditional. Yet it’s packed with modern-day conveniences: built-in microwave, corner cabinetry, and kitchen island.

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    Suave and Elegant Modern Small Kitchen

    Canaletto Rift Cut Cabinets - 27estore
    Canaletto Rift Cut Cabinets – 27estore. © 27estore

    With Euro-style slab cabinets from 27estore.com, this downsized kitchen is not small in style.  

    Slab cabinets work great in smaller spaces because their lack of busy ornamentation lets the clean lines of the space show through.

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