10 Steps to Create a Cottage-Style Bedroom Part Two

Cottage Style Bedroom

Most people think that bedroom decoration should be relatively simple, it is not true in the bedroom design, bedroom design to the pursuit of the perfect unity of function and form, elegant and unique, concise design. On the aesthetic design of the bedroom, but also to the pursuit of fashion and not impetuous, dignified and elegant and there is no lack of romantic feeling relaxed. Therefore, the bedroom decoration design, will be more extensive use of performance practices, making the bedroom seem simple, but in reality endless charm.

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1. Curtains

Make sure to use floor length curtains which bear soft shades that contrast the colour of the walls beautifully. Try something creative by using old tablecloths which could create the rustic charm in the cottage-style bedroom.

Cottage Style Bedroom

2. Plants

Which cottage is ever complete without potted plants? Try putting up a wire rack on one wall next to the window with some nice small plants in glass jars. You can even display these potted plants on the window sill as well.

Cottage Style Bedroom

3. Accessorise à la cottage-style

If you have a small desk in your bedroom, you can keep all your books and papers in beautiful boxes and folders that have soft green-gray shades.

Cottage Style Bedroom

4.Natural floor

A lot of cottage-style homes use wood floors to give a more natural feel. You can also use stone floors to create a similar look.

Cottage Style Bedroom

5. Lampshades

No cottage-style bedroom is complete without a nice lampshade on the side table. Use shades that are white, with little design on them.

Cottage Style Bedroom

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