10 Steps to Create a Cottage-Style Bedroom Part One

Cottage-Style Bedroom

If you want to change your room, why not try to look here – 10 Steps to Create a Cottage-Style Bedroom Part One

1. Keep to the basics

The reason why cottage-style works so well is because it uses a very basic design. Before you start planning the renovation, think of the items you will need to make your cottage-style bedroom complete. Always use what is unnecessary. Creating the cottage style is all about taking the most basic necessities, and giving them a pleasant makeover that is fashionably trendy.

Cottage-Style Bedroom

2. Use soft palette of colours

The cottage-style favours botanical colours. Beautiful, soft shades of green, shabby pink, light apricot are the common favourites. By pairing them with colours of light contrast like soft red, you can create a lovely look that can create a relaxing mood.

Cottage-Style Bedroom

3. Stained furniture

This helps in creating more of a vintage or shabby look that is graceful. If you are using wooden furniture, you could buy them second hand to keep the renovation process under budget. All you have to do is give it a new coat of paint and some stained colours for the antique look. Buy furniture that either have soft curves or straight edges, but have less ornate details to prevent them from looking too ostentatious.

Cottage-Style Bedroom

4. Wicker and Iron furnishings

It is not too uncommon to find iron and wicker furnishings in a cottage-style bedroom. You can make them more comfortable to use by laying down beautiful quilts on them which bear nice floral patterns. Complete the look by adding a few pillows as well.

Cottage-Style Bedroom

5. Armoires

An armoire in the bedroom creates a really nice antique look that helps in making the bedroom cosier and more homely. Make their surfaces stained so that they emulate the shabby chic look which cottage-styles are always incomplete without.

Cottage-Style Bedroom

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